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Animal Concern Advice Line News 2018

Please note some documents are reproduced in plain text rather than in PDF format which would take up a great deal of memory when using a mobile device.

April 2018

April 26th 2018: Disappointed with the Government response to our call for a ban on balloon and sky lantern releases John Robins has once again asked the Government to take action. You can read his e-mail here

March 2018

March 23rd 2018: Spring has sprung and sadly so has the growing problem of sheep racing. We have asked Telford and Wrekin Council to use existing legislation to stop daily sheep races at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom. Click here to read our submission to the Council.

March 1st 2018: Animal Concern Advice Line has made a hard-hitting submission to the Scottish Government consultation on long overdue proposals to introduce legislation to set and police minimum standards for agencies and individuals involved in the rescue,rehabilitation, rehoming and provision of sanctuary for abandoned and injured animals. Click here to read our submission in full.

February 2018

February 6th 2018: Michael Gove, the Minister responsible for Animal Welfare at Westminster, has promised a consultation on introducing a ban on exporting live animals for slaughter. However Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Minister responsible for Agriculture, has attacked Mr. Gove for this excellent move to protect the welfare of animals. Animal Concern has asked Mr. Ewing to think again as his stance on this brings shame on Scotland. Click here

February 4th 2018: For nearly thirty years John Robins has been campaigning against mass balloon releases which litter the environment with dangerous shards of plastic. Now that a thirty second TV sequence from David Attenborough has brought the issue of marine pollution to the attention of the world John has asked both the Holyrood and Westminster Governments to ban balloon releases and the use of sky lanterns. The press release from ACAL explains the situation. Click here

January 2018

January 28th 2018: Animal Concern has made a submission to the Westminster consultation on animal sentience and sentencing for crimes against animals. He has asked supporters to make submissions too. Click here

January 09th 2018: John Robins wished supporters a belated Happy New Year, thanked them for helping to have wild animals banned from circuses in Scotland and explained why he hadn't been in touch for a couple of weeks. Click here

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