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Animal Concern Advice Line News 2020

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April 2020

April 28th 2020: The Daily Record recently revealed that a woman in Scotland is breeding large cats which require to be licensed under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act. She sells them as pets for as much as £7,500 each. She has admitted she is also breeding mountain lions at a secret location in Perthshire. Animal Concern has asked the Scottish Government to investigate this matter. We too would like to see the commercial breeding, selling and private ownership of these animals banned in Scotland. More on the Animal Concern website here:

March 2020

March 31st 2020: Five days ago Animal Concern asked the Scottish Government not to use public money to subsidise wealthy multi-national fish farmers and owners of huge trawlers during the Covid 19 crisis. Animal Concern received a very positive reply today. You can read it on the Animal Concern website here:

March 30th 2020: As predicted by John Robins, Hamish, the cute and cuddly polar bear at Highland Wildlife Park, is no longer quite so cute and cuddly and he has to move out. John has asked the Park owners to make sure Hamish does not suffer the same sad fate as his predecessor Minty. Full story on the Animal Concern website here:

March 26th 2020: The Scottish Government is using £5m of public money to bail out the fishery and “seafood” sector during the Covid 19 pandemic. Animal Concern has asked the Government to ensure the money goes to more environmentally friendly operators in real risk of sinking and not to wealthy multinational fish farmers and rich trawler owners who neither need or deserve our cash. Full story on the Animal Concern website here:

March 16th 2020: It seems there's a bit of a bug going around. ACAL has advice for people most at risk who are worried about what will happen to their pets and we have appealed for fitter folk to do what they can to Help People Help Animals during the current crisis. Full details here:

February 2020

February 26th 2020: John Robins has the shooting industry in his sights again. He has asked Police Scotland to ensure a Stirlingshire man recently convicted of shooting a sparrowhawk can no longer be in possession of any guns. It has also emerged that,; as predicted by John back in 2018, controversial American huntress Larysa Switlyk did not break the law during her trip to Scotland. However John still believes she can be barred from ever killing more wildlife in Scotland and he has once again asked Police Scotland to refuse her permission to shoot here in future. You can read our latest letter to police Scotland here:

January 2020

January 29th 2020: The Radio 1 Big Weekend is going to bring big names, big numbers and big noise to Camperdown Park in Dundee. Animal Concern has asked Dundee City Council to ensure the permanent residents of Camperdown Park are not disturbed by the visitors. Full details on the Animal Concern website here:

January 22nd 2020: There's something fishy going on at the salmon farms again. There's a little good news and a lot of bad news. To find out more and perhaps add to the protest, please read Animal Concern's email to supporters and message to MSPs and Scottish Government Ministers. You'll find that on the Animal Concern website here:

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