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December 28th 2018: For once John Robins has sent supporters some good news.


Hope you had a good Christmas/Yule/Midwinter and are in good fettle for Hogmanay.

This is not a festive financial appeal (I reckon you will have had more than enough of those this month) and it's not even an end of year request to lobby politicians (they are all in hibernation until the middle of next month).

I'm just writing to pass on a bit of good news.

The first link below takes you to a news item on the ACAL website. It tells you how, on November 24th, I asked Police Scotland to use legislation governing visiting shooters to stop notorious huntress Larysa Switlyk from ever again discharging a firearm in Scotland.

The second link takes you to a BBC News item which suggests that when they looked into the case the police discovered Ms Switlyk had not complied with that legislation during her first visit!

A report has gone to the Procurator Fiscal who will decide if Ms Switlyk should be prosecuted. Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere this does not mean she has already been arrested.