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Seals, Wild Animals and Birds Contacts


British Divers Marine Life Rescue: (Office Hours) 01825 765 546
(Out of Hours) 07787 433 412

Wild Animals and Birds

Hessilhead Animal Centre, Beith: 01505 502 415

Highland Wildlife Hospital Trust (Ullapool): 01854 612 166

Hillswick Wildlife Centre (Shetland): 01806 503 348

IOSF International Otter Survival Fund: 01471 822 487

Here's the link to DIY Garden. Loads of useful information on wildlife which might visit your garden. From what to feed birds and hedgehogs to how to get help for wildlife casualties, you'll find it here. It also makes sense to compile a list of national and local wildlife rescue and care organisations. Having the right number available could save crucial time in getting help for injured animals or birds